Playing With Words: Gratitude

Today I Walk in Gratitude Imagine if you wake up and the first thought you have is, “Wow! How grateful I am to begin this day!” And then imagine that each time you meet someone you think to yourself, “How grateful I am to be with this person. I know s/he has a lot to...

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Playing With Words: Extraordinary

Extraordinary I had an extraordinary experience early this spring. It was a lovely warm morning and I stepped out onto my deck to water my plants. An empty pot which I had left on the railing from the previous winter caught my eye. I noticed an almost imperceptible...

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Playing With Words! Accomplish

Let's Accomplish Something Great! To start off with, i chose the word ‘accomplish’. So, what do you think of when you hear the word accomplish? I hear people use the word referring to something they've achieved in their lives. For instance, they've accomplished...

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